For several years, Gillon Stephenson wrote copy for countless print and audio-visual marketing campaigns for features and television shows in Hollywood. From his extensive involvement in this industry, he found himself making the natural move into voice-over.
Gillon's talent was quickly noticed and he was selected as the Network Voice for FX UK, a British TV channel owned by Fox, launched in Los Angeles in 2004. During his time at working for FX UK Gillon recorded hundreds of promos, including tv comedy shows such as Family Guy, The Man Show, and King of the Hill; dramas such as The Shield, The X Files and NYPD Blue; Fox-produced show reruns, and those receiving their UK premier including Highlander, JAG, NCIS, and Playmakers; and a large number of movie promos and interstitials such as Hamburger Hill, Shrek, and Van Helsing. Following this, Gillon quickly found representation with Vox USA Inc, one of Hollywood's leading voice-over agencies. During the following two years, Gillon has recorded nationwide commercials, such as American Express Amex; online presentations, such as Invo Tires; the host voice of Matel's 2006 Trivial Pursuit Interactive CD-Rom; the host voice for a Fox Latin American's worldwide real estate infomercial series, beginning with Florida Showcase; the voice of Simon Cowell for MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch; host voice for the Conversion Studios podcasts, England; and promos including Love Actually for Channel Five and Creative Partnership, both in London. Gillon also works with the well-known Group 101 Films, recording commercials for new directors for companies such as Ford, Heineken, and the Guardian newspaper. Gillon is always excited about his voice-over projects, and strives to be better today than he was yesterday, and better still tomorrow. He believes that being a great voice-over artist means constantly listening to those around him; to friends; to actors; to other voice artists; studying advertising in general; writing commercials; and trying to find the nuances, rhythms and inflexions that transcend the ordinary.


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Network voice for the Speed Channel

Voice of Jarvis for 'Iron Man' Playstation 3


CONVERSION STUDIOS (PODCAST) -- HOST (see link on the right of the page).